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I searched around the internet for an EODD review, or two, before I really became interested in the product. The Every Other Day Diet sounded like something I could handle but I’ve tried and failed at so many of these weight loss plans. After reading about the diet designed by Jon Benson and Janice Hauser I started to get more interested.

Conventional diets mean that you have to starve yourself of calories day after day and do without your favorite  foods and that wasn’t for me, but the EODD plan is different. You can eat what you want every other day and as I’m sure you can imagine, that makes things much easier. It’s great to be able to tell yourself that you can have that piece of chocolate cake tomorrow, but must stick with a calorie count today. You absolutely must stick to the plan on the non cheat days though.

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The more reviews of EODD I read, the more it sounded like something I could work with. Counting calories every day and punishing yourself by denying the food you crave entails a complete life change.

It is difficult and apt to make the most determined dieter depressed, and we all know what happens when we get depressed. Do chocolates and ice cream ring a bell here? (No, today isn’t an ice cream day, but tomorrow is).

How the cheat days work, per the EODD site.

According to one user of the system who had left a positive EODD review, the Every Other Day diet is easy because you can tell yourself that it’s only for day and tomorrow will be simple. That way it is easy to sustain the diet. Diets that are hard to follow for long periods of time seldom work because once the desired weight is lost, there’s a tendency to start eating everything quite happily again until all the weight goes back on.

So, The Every Other Day Diet, or EODD review I would give is certainly positive. It works and it is easy to maintain. Furthermore, you do not need a will power made of iron to succeed. Just tell yourself that you are dieting today, but tomorrow will be different, and you will still lose that excess weight and keep it off. Any time that you feel you need to lose a few pounds it is quite painless to start the EODD again.

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Losing weight isn’t easy.  I’ve tried just about everything.  From fasting to juice diets to the Atkins and South Beach to intense bouts of exercise and any other fad, I’ve dabbled with them all.  Earlier this year I came into the EODD diet by Jon Benson, which introduced a unique approach to losing weight combined with some traditional knowledge.

I decided to provide you with an EODD review since there seems to be a lack of reliable information out there and I’m sure you’re wondering more about the plan before committing to it.

Hopefully the details I share with you give you the answers you’re looking for.  No matter what comes of your future with this product, keep one thing in mind.  You must exert discipline, just as you would with any diet.  If you’re ready to commit, you’ve just won half the battle.  Good luck and stay focused.

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